Vist to Cummins

Vise president Bonnie Fetch vists Cummins Darlington. Photographing her tour and presentation l heard her say, “One of the challenges we have today, is sourcing and establishing reliable suppliers. If we can do that then we can’t deliver our product.”

Vise President Bonnie Fetch at Cummins Darlington.

Durham misses out on the bid to be City of culture.

It has been a disappointing blow for Co. Durham as the bid for the city of culture 2025 goes to Bradford.

But what a wonderful weekend as Durham Pride celebrated its 11th festival with a march from the cathedral through the streets to the main stage to see the show as the rain subsided and the sun shine can out

At work.

The thing about having a photography career is you never know what your day is going to have install. Photographing for Cummins Emissions at the Darlington plant was like any other day only the request was to get some shots from high up. I don’t mind heights but this lift was a bit wobbly. All in a days work l guess.

Back at normal height.

“I Can Change The World”

We need to start with ourselves to produce the strength needed to reverse this forecast collapse. To draw energy from our deepest relationship with nature: its landscapes, its colours, its elements. To follow the example of those who, with extraordinary talent, can enable us to see again with open, uncontaminated eyes capable of freeing us […]

“I Can Change The World”

Wedding Photography posed styles

It’s great having your wedding day photographed in a documentary style, that is what I specialise in, but I think you still need to have those posed wedding photographs as well. A wedding photographer needs to have the skill in making posed wedding photographs look natural and well composed. Wedding Bride at Eaglescliffe Golf Club. […]

Wedding Photography posed styles